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So, apparently there is yet another USB Loader available for the Wii.  I watched a few quick videos of this other option (in place of USB Loader GX) and it looks very appealing.  Many of the same menu options but a different layout.  I enjoy the the layout of USB Load GX better because it makes more options immediately available while keeping it all clean. But WiiFlow is more targeted towards game play and there for even more simple. Plus, I’d like to just give it a try since I hear more games may work with this one. Bonus feature of WiiFlow is that you can see the back of the game box as well.

To start visit their website http://wiiflow.wiitdb.com/index.htm.  When you’re ready to give it a try access their download site http://wiiflow.wiitdb.com/downloads.htm.

At the time of this post, WiiFlow version 1.1 was available. Direct link to download this version is  http://wiiflow.wiitdb.com/wiiflow_1.1_full.zip.

Installation and configuration instructions below are based on WiiFlow version 1.1 FULL. I will be installing WiiFlow to my HDD (not SD). I will first setup WiiFlow to run via HomeBrew and then via a Forwarder-Channel.  If you wish to install WiiFlow on an SD or run it via a PreLoader please read the Readme.txt file contained within the WiiFlow zip file.


  • If you have a FAT partition on your HDD, WiiFlow will always use it instead of your SD card
  • If using IOS 249 and if network isn’t available, will crash when you try to download covers or titles. (IOS bug, not WiiFlow )

Required Pre-requisites

  • Format your USB HDD to have a WBFS and FAT partition.
  • IOS 249 installed
  • IOS 222 installed


Installing and Running WiiFlow from HDD (< 5 minutes)

    1. Download and extract zip file
    2. Read Readme.txt file
    3. Confirm you have a HDD with WBFS and FAT partition
    4. From the extracted zip file copy “\apps” folder to the root of your HDD or wherever your Homebrew-Channel can find it.
      Notes: I already have the HomeBrew-Channel installed on my Wii so my HDD now ONLY has "\apps\WiiFlow_xxx" in the FAT partition.
      Notes: The files meta.xml and icon.png belongs to that directory too, but they are not necessary for the execution.
    5. Start your Wii and access HomeBrew
    6. You will see only two applications WiiFlow 222 and WiiFlow 249. I have only IOS249 installed on my Wii right now so I will start WiiFlow 249
    7. WiiFlow screen appears and you’re running with WiiFlow

FYI…after running the WiiFlow application it will automatically create a “WiiFlow” folder on the root of your HDD. This is where it will save configuration and cover art data. So don’t go deleting this folder unless you want to download everything again.

Setting up WiiFlow Channel

I setup the WiiFlow channel via a forwarder. To do this you will need a WAD-manager. If you do not have one you can download the one I use from here or you can simply do a Google search for “Wii WAD manager”. Simply put the WAD-manager app in the “\apps” folder at the root of your HDD.

There are many available channels in the FULL download of WiiFlow. Please read the file Channels.txt in the root of the WiiFlow download. This will tell you where each Channel type expects the boot.dol file to exist.

Let’s go ahead and use this one “Wiiflow StarNight Channel IOS249-WSNW.wad” for example.

    1. Copy WAD folder from WiiFlow download to root of SD card
    2. Access HomeBrew
    3. Start WAD-manager
      1. Press A
      2. Select source device: Wii SD Slot
      3. Press A
      4. Select the WAD you wish to install (Wiiflow StarNight Channel IOS249-WSNW.wad)
      5. Press A
      6. Select action: Install WAD
      7. Press A
      8. Press Home button to exit to Wii Menu
    4. Locate your WiiFlow Channel and Start it

If the channel starts but then redirects you back to the Wii Channel then again read the Channel.txt file and put the needed files into the correct locations so that the program can find what it needs to start.

If you have the correct files on your HDD in the correct location and the Channel still goes back to the Wii Home screen then check your forwarded. It is most likely setup to use an SD card. If this is true then follow the Channel.txt file again and put the files in the correct location of your SD card. Now things will work.



Themes are not as easy to download as USB Loader GX but the full WiiFlow download comes with many themes. Simply copy the Themes folder from the WiiFlow installation zip file to the root of your HDD. Now when you access the WiiFlow configuration menu you can choose a different Theme.

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